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Coastal Consulting is a digital agency focused on providing companies and individuals an affordable way to increase their online exposure, generate more business online, and operate more efficiently, We do this by providing web design and development services, applications development and implementing digital marketing strategies, such SEO and pay per click ad campaign management.

Each of our services is custom tailored to each individual client’s needs. Through diligent research and a thorough client discovery phase, our company, Coastal Web Consulting, ensures that all of our solutions are focused on meeting the unique goals of each client and expanding our clients online presence. We design sites that are modern, SEO friendly and affordable, utilizing proven frameworks such as WordPress and Laravel, that are effective at reaching their target audience.

A Class above the Competition

Our services are completely unique from any of our competitors. All of our web services revolve around the notion that search engine ranking is everything. That’s why all of our web designs, web apps, and even our hosting options, are provided with optimization in mind. Our services are not just innovative and progressive, but most importantly, they are effective. We aim high and produce even higher. We use the latest technology are think outside the box to optimize and innovate. For example: unlike any other hosts, we provide hosting that uses HTTP2, free SSL certs, and implement Google’s mod_pagespeed by default. We make it easy for you to give the best to your clients.

At Coastal Consulting we believe that if you want to have an online presence which is eye-catching and effective, you need to find the best balance between creativity, technology and analytics. We specialize in providing solutions that achieve that balance and do so quickly and affordably. We are located in Carolina Beach, NC near Wilmington, however being an online agency provides us with a way to reach people from all over the web. As a result, we serve clients across the country.

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There are so many digital agencies out there, we know the search for the right one can be overwhelming. At Coastal Web Consulting, we elevate ourselves above the rest by taking pride in our work. We love what we do and it shows. We have the talent and expertise to provide our clients with innovative, cost-effective solutions so that they can quickly reap the rewards and experience the accompanying return on investment.

Individual Approach

We operate under the idea that a client is not just a sale, they are an opportunity to build a relationship. We want to get to know each client, so that we may better understand their goals and expectations. Every client and every project is a unique experience and we treat them as such.

Modern Technologies

We stay informed on the current trends in design and development and we pass this knowledge and expertise on to our clients in our work. Our solutions combine modern technologies and years of experience to provide our clients with effective solutions that are built to last.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Many other companies charge insanely high hourly rates. Here, we pride ourselves in providing services that are affordable and effective. Some of our services are flat-rate, and you’ll never pay more than $60/hr. Most other companies charge twice that!



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First Contact

The first step in any client relationship is to open a line of communication. We want to get to know our clients and internalize their goals and doing so all begins with a phone call. During this first call we’ll get a rough idea of client needs and discuss how our services align those needs.

Discussion & Planning

Our discovery phase consists of two parts and after the initial contact, we will conceptualize and strategize until we’ve figured out exactly what the client truly wants. More often than not, clients are not entirely sure of their exact we needs, but we specialize in figuring that out.
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Final Strategy

At the conclusion of Discovery, we will know exactly what problems we are trying to solve and lay out a strategic plan outlining our recommended solutions. This will become the blueprint we follow during the next phase.


After client approval, we move on to the implementation phase. This is when we make an idea a reality. We follow a method of agile development, prioritizing tasks into discrete units, with frequent check-ins with the client to make sure we are all on the same page. We build fast, test, adapt and iterate.

Integration and Support

The final phase is integration and training. When our job is complete and given client approval, we move from our test bed to the production environment. We provide user training through remote desktop sessions and reference manual PDFs. Even after our job is complete, we are always available for support by calls, texts, email, or in our Slack Support channel during business hours.


Located in Carolina Beach, NC but serving the entire Nation

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