Custom Web and Mobile App Developers

Not long ago, building a web presence was merely an option. Today, businesses from almost every industry have realized not only the necessity of a web presence for continual growth and progress, but also the ability to go with customers everywhere in their pocket. The lines between online and offline have been blurred and in the highly competitive new environment, powerful Web and Mobile Applications can provide the technological backbone to help you maintain that competitive edge.

Coastal’s development team is familiar with all the major mobile app frameworks and languages, from Java and Kotlin to React Native and Swift. When it comes to web applications, we are experts in automation and database enabled applications, from complex WordPress plugins to Laravel content management systems, Angular data-binding to building within the React virtual DOM we can do it all, and at competitive rates that will keep you within budget

Don’t let our prices concern you though, we don’t let our cost-effectiveness get in the way of quality. So, whether you need to migrate from back-end legacy systems or require a custom web or mobile app built from scratch, Coastal Web Consultings client-centric solutions are custom-built to accommodate your business needs and give you fast results and the best returns on investment.

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Coastal Web Mobile App Developers

Well-Crafted and Intuitive Development

From simple ideas to robust concepts, Coastal Web works alongside you to transform your “lightbulb moment” into a fully-developed mobile app. Before a single line of code is written, we walk you through a series of strategic exercises to fully understand your needs. As a vital part of the development process, our skilled team of experts use their industry experience to provide recommendations and solutions for a unique, go-to-market mobile strategy built specifically to fit your business objectives and goals.

Streamlining Workflow and Efficiency

Coastal Web Consulting works hand-in-hand with clients to develop database enabled custom web application solutions tailored to individual business needs. We help organizations to automate their core business processes, and in so doing, reduce costs, increase revenues and improve customer response times and satisfaction. Whether you have a new idea to translate into software, you are dealing with a challenged software project, or have reached a point where your data is too complex for the tools you are already using, we will engineer and build the solution you need! Our technology specialties include, but are certainly not limited to, Java, Spring Framework (including Boot), .NET, PHP, HTML5, Javascript, Node.JS, Angular.JS, React.JS with Redux, ReactNative, Kotlin, and more. We work with our clients to ensure the correct tool is chosen both for their present and future needs.

Coastal Web Consulting's app developers streamline workflow and efficiency through automation and advanced programming methodology.
Our web app developers are a class above the competition. Enhance productivity and provide cross-platform support.

Web App Developers

We create custom information systems. Whether you need a simple web application to give your business a new dimension or a complex database-driven solution interconnected with different systems, we can provide a solution that fits your needs.Websites, nowadays, are more than simple presentations. They are being transformed into web applications helping you to run your business more effectively. Web applications such as booking and planning systems, calendars, team and project management tools interconnected with other applications in your organisation, economic and stock management systems. The use of such applications is now an integral part of running a modern business.

Mobile App Developers

The affordability of mobile devices and data services have made mobile apps for iOS and Android devices the most popular form of software in the modern era. You need a professional team of developers and engineers who can provide you with a competitive product if you want to succeed in current app market. Our app developers are here to help. We can create any app you need to help you start, grow and optimize the efficiency of your business. If your goal is to be more successful and get a leg up on the competition, you’ve come to the right place. We are dedicated professionals with experience and expertise when it comes to mobile app development. We develop in both iOS and Android, typically working in a cross-platform language so that we can release one product that works across all devices.

Our mobile app developers can help you release a product that is both marketable and competitive.