Design and Development Services

We offer a wide variety of Web Design and Development services at Coastal Web Consulting. Click on any of the links below to read more about each service that we offer.

Our web designs focus on creating an experience for the user

Web Design and Development

We use a data-driven website design methodology which focuses on building high-performing websites which are continuously optimized for conversions.  We start by creating a strategy and defining the full scope of the website. After that we design and develop everything that is required. We specialize in developing custom WordPress sites, providing clients with an easy to use CMS with stunning themes and efficient use of both premium and custom developed plugins. We understand the importance of having an online presence and we provide clients with stunning, professional sites that keep visitors coming back!

Coastal Web's e-commerce web development product listing and one page check-out

E-Commerce Site Solutions

We, at Coastal Web Consulting, look beyond E-commerce web development and hosting. We believe that a robust E-commerce solution is essential to succeed. As a result, we offer customized and scalable B2B and B2C solutions.With years of technical mastery and a passion for innovation, our team sets up your online business, suggests intuitive solutions, executes your digital marketing campaign and much more.

We don’t just build websites; we create thriving online businesses. And that’s what sets us a class apart from the rest!

Coastal web's custom CMS development team is ready to help you modify your framework to work for you!

CMS Migrations

Many businesses find themselves struggling with slow, outdated sites using older content management systems. Other’s have had sites developed using backend systems that are difficult to moderate and administer by non-technical users, having to come out of pocket to pay developers even for simple edits. We are experts in providing CMS migrations, such as from Joomla or Drupal to WordPress, or converting Wix Sites to something more customizable and manageable. Our goal is to train our clients to control their sites themselves, even for those who consider themselves non-technical. With our CMS migrations, we provide clients with updated sites that are easy to edit and maintain, coding to take the technicality out of the technical.

Coastal Web's software development team are experts at finding the right solution for your custom software needs.

Software Development

With a union of technical expertise and business acumen, our highly qualified team brings an unparalleled passion for coding to every project at Coastal Web. By engaging with stakeholders from the project onset, our dev team is able to take a holistic view of client objectives throughout the development process. Our dev team provides solutions that reduce costs, increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction.

Coastal Web Mobile App Developers

Web App and Mobile App Development

From simple ideas to robust concepts, we work alongside our clients to transform a “lightbulb moment” into a fully-developed application. Before a single line of code is written, we go through a series of strategic exercises to fully understand client needs. As a vital part of the Coastal Web process, our skilled team of experts use their industry experience to provide recommendations and solutions for a unique, go-to-market mobile strategy built specifically to fit client business objectives and goals.