Digital Marketing and SEO

We offer a wide variety of Digital Marketing and SEO services at Coastal Web Consulting. Click on any of the links below to read more about each service that we can do for you.

Coastal Web will optimize all of your sites resources to provide a fast efficient user experience without sacrificing quality.

Search Engine Optimizations

Get set and Maximize your ROI! We demonstrate global experience in analyzing our clients’ pages in SEO terms, providing them with accurate comments and applicable suggestions. Get the best Search Engine Optimization services and the best tips and tricks to make your webpages rank higher in search engines! We look for the latest SEO tools & practices, so as to achieve best results on your Brand and online reputation.

Coastal Web manages AdWord campaigns and helps you find your niche in digital marketing for your industry.

Digital Marketing

We create and execute B2B content marketing strategies that help you increase quality traffic, convert more leads, and create better sales opportunities. We know the market and are effective at creating results through PPC, SEM and AdWords Campaign Management, and can increase your exposure through social media campaigns on all the major platforms. This is a step up from our basic marketing included in all our site design, however it includes the same services and then some.

Social Media is a powerful platform for modern marketing. It can be used as an effective, cost-efficient platform to increase traffic, generate leads, and increase brand awareness by reaching your target demographic and encouraging them to share with their friends.

Social Media Marketing

In order to successfully deploy social media marketing, content is needed that inspires, activates and speaks to the target audience. We develop creative social content in the form of text, picture and video. After we’ve mapped out the online status of a brand or organisation, we develop a comprehensive social media strategy. Based on this, we create, publish and manage content and build an interactive community. Our Social Media Strategists tirelessly research and explore the latest developments, making sure that the target audience is always reached in the most effective way possible.