Pay Per Click and Search Engine Marketing Pros

A high-quality marketing strategy increases your sales and secures your business growth. Marketing in the digital era has become a complex and difficult task. There are so many related acronyms: SEO, SEM, SERP, PPC, CTR, KPI, it’s easy to get lost in an alphabet soup of confusion. That’s why we suggest handing over your digital marketing needs to professionals who know how to get results. Coastal Web has a team of search engine marketing specialists, ready to implement Ad Campaigns and work on content marketing to help you get your site off the ground and up the ranks.

We will audit your site and find what is working currently and what isn’t. Once we’ve found your niche, we will lay out a framework to follow as we play on your strengths and have them carry you to the front page through AdWords Pay Per Click bids.. In the mean time, we will come up with creative techniques to manage your content and help you gain organic growth through keyword analysis, internal linking and strengthening your domain authority.

It takes time to experience organic growth in search engine rankings, but the rewards pay off when you finally make it to the front page for relevant search queries. Combine these services with our advanced search engine optimization solutions and we will help you find your way to the top.

Coastal Web Consulting - Web Site Design, Development and Digital Marketing Specialists
Coastal Web manages AdWord campaigns and helps you find your niche in digital marketing for your industry.

PPC Ad Campaign Management

The quickest way to get to the front page is using paid advertising through the search engine’s themselves. Our Team of Professionals will help you find your way there and will continually monitor and increase your campaign efficiency as long as we remain partners. PPC can be yield quick results, however, finding the most cost-effective strategy often takes a little bit of time and experimentation. The goal of continuous PPC campaign management is to improve your campaigns performance so you’re getting the most bang for your buck.. Our services will help you identify mistakes in your campaigns through an in-house audit, and then, through regular optimization, we can ensure a higher return on investment.

Content Management

Good content marketing is a magnet for customers.¬†Good content itself must be interesting, entertaining and provided useful formats. It is generally the result of research and calculation, making sure to include the correct wording and at the same time be natural and appealing. It’s arguably the most important part of a long term marketing strategy that will help you reach your goal and experience your full potential. PPC is great and often yields the quickest results, with a solid ROI percentage, however, content marketing management will lay the foundations for low-cost, long term, lead generation and steady conversion rates.

We provide effective, content marketing strategies to generate leads and increase conversion rates holistically in combination with PPC marketing strategies.
We're not here to confuse you and get your money, we are here to deliver results through effective and responsible market strategies.

Realistic and Honest Approach

The main purpose of high-quality digital marketing is to repeatedly bring people from your target audience to your site, generating leads and creating customers. We work hard to realize these goals, however, we are not going to sell you on results we can’t provide. We are realistic and reserved in our approach, letting you know up front what is possible and what really isn’t likely. Through a good content strategy and efficient PPC management, thought, we will be able to provide you with strategies that will drive traffic and increase conversions, but we just have to realistic about how to compete in what is essentially a global marketplace. Knowing this, we can be even more effective at the areas where you can truly excel, doubling down on what works and carving out a niche where there are opportunities.