Our E-Commerce Clients are Our Business Partners

We offer professional online marketplaces that are the result of over a decades worth of experience in the industry. Our mission is not just to build you an ecommerce web site, but to help you create a thriving online marketplace for you business.

When we develop your e-commerce site, we consider ourselves more than just developers. We consider ourselves partners in your business. Your success is an extension of our own. As a result, we are careful and detailed oriented, making design decisions from both the perspective of shoppers and of developers. It becomes our goal to help you succeed and that personal involvement results in a great shopping experience for the customer and profitable online store for the business owner. We take special care to display your products in an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive way. We also make it easy for the shop owner to take control of their online business and easily add new products and get reports on how their current products are doing.

Along with elegant marketplace design, we implement search engine optimization techniques so that you can be found by new customers and increase your sales. We can also integrate your product listings to other online marketplaces as well, such as eBay and Amazon. Our e-commerce solutions give you everything you need to be successful and take your online business to the next level.

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Beautiful and functional web design

Beautiful and Functional Web Design

Attractive web design is not everything. What is the point of having a beautiful looking site if it can’t generate sales? We know that our clients have amazing products and we design our sites to reflect that fact. Our ambition is to not just generate leads but convert those leads into sales. We tailor the design to your speak directly to your target audience . Check out our portfolio of projects.

Search Engine Optimization

What good is an awesome online shop if no one can find it? To achieve your goals and increase your customer base, visitors to your site must be able to find it. Besides word of mouth and marketing campaigns, the only way to achieve organic growth is through ranking higher in search engine results. Our sites are all designed to be optimized for search engines crawlers to be able to identify what you are offering and who to serve your site to based on its content. We implement modern technology to make your site efficient and attractive to search engine web crawlers and subsequently increase your rank in relevant search engine results. You can find out more about this on our search engine optimization page.

Our web sites are designed to be optimized for search engines
Our web designs focus on creating an experience for the user

User Experience

The most important element in our design principles is the idea of “user experience.” It is the UX in UI/UX and arguably the most important piece of the puzzle. Having a user friendly, intuitive and unambiguous interface, greatly improves the user’s experience on your site and increases the likelihood of generating repeat visits. Repeat visitors increase the chances of turning leads into sales and organically grow your customer base. A well designed, clear, intuitive, and “easy-to-use” e-commerce sites results in potential customers converting to sales. We will provide beautiful storefront web design, intuitive and efficient product searching and categorizing, and intelligent search engine optimization to make your site the competitive edge it deserves.

One Page Checkout

Data analytics have shown that up to 20% of e-commerce shoppers will abandon their cart because of complex and lengthy checkouts. Our one-page checkout system makes it easy for customers to fill their carts and complete their orders without having to switch to a bunch of different pages. It is an easy and intuitive checkout process that keeps customers coming back. Combined with the ability to add all major merchant payment gateways, you’re check out process will be seamless and efficient that customers will love. You can just sit back and watch those sales charts rise.

Coastal Web's e-commerce web development product listing and one page check-out
Coastal Web Mobile App Developers

Mobile Shopping

All of our web design projects are built using mobile-first, responsive design principles. Our E-Commerce shops are no different, however, we also provide the option of an integrated shopping app for you online storefront. Let customers shop on the go and stay competitive in a rapidly changing online marketplace with our ecommerce mobile app integration and responsive storefront designs. Let customers share your product listings to their friends on social media and keep them updated with new listings by push notifications. Let your customers carry you with them every where by letting us develop and integrate a mobile app solution along with you e commerce site!