Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy aimed at achieving better search engine results page (SERP) rankings and gaining more visitors from organic search results. Our SEO digital marketing team are experts at finding the right strategy that will deliver results for your site. Because each site is unique and each client has different goals, we provide personalized strategies custom-tailored to attain a specific goal. We implement these strategies according to the each client’s needs and keep the strategy cost-effective and within a predetermined marketing budget. We have been in this field for over 10 years and we stay current with the ever-changing trends in search result rankings. Consequently, we have a deep understanding of search engine algorithms and the accompanying optimization techniques needed to achieve consistent growth.

SEO doesn’t happen over night, and it takes a lot of research, patience, and understanding to implement effective strategies. Coastal Web has the tools to efficiently and effectively perform this research and has the experience to implement effective strategies that will yield results.

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Cost-Effective, Result-Oriented

We always try to recommend to clients an ideal mix of marketing techniques to achieve their goals. We help clients find a balance between all of the different methods that is both cost-effective and result-oriented. Mobile-first design principles, SSL encrypted connections, back linking, page optimization content management, and so many other factors are all important in optimizing a domain. This is why we orient our web design and development solutions, our CMS (WordPress, Joomla, etc) themes and plugins, and our hosting solutions around the central tenant that SEO rules all. A well implemented SEO strategy provides, by its very definition, a positive user experience, which is represented in lead generation and increased conversion rates.

SEO Content

An important part of SEO is continuous content creation. Quality content can enhance the relevance of the site and position of its ranking in search engines. These generally come in the form of blogs, but are not limited to them. Regular site text content, categorical menu structures, image alts, and much more attribute to search engine optimization. Continual production of these items ensure that your site is listed as up-to-date and create opportunities for internal link-building. High-quality and useful content can be shared externally on social networks and other websites as well, which again opens the potential to reach out to a larger group of people. Coastal Web can aid in the production of quality content and enhance your current content to include all of these relevant factors. We are experts in making the most of what we have to work with and generating quality content and attributes to make your site as attractive to web crawlers and search engine robots as possible.

We provide effective, content marketing strategies to generate leads and increase conversion rates holistically in combination with PPC marketing strategies.
Coastal Web will optimize all of your sites resources to provide a fast efficient user experience without sacrificing quality.

Optimize User Experience without Sacrificing Quality

Web site speed has become a key SEO factor in recent years in determining placement in search results. This is especially true for large sites that have a large number of products and a high volume of visitors. Speed ​​depends on many factors, but one of the most important factors is one on which the entire internet is built: optimized transfer rates. Coastal Web’s SEO team will take all of your content, images, videos, digital documents, etc., and optimize how they are both stored and how they are delivered to the end user. We regularly monitor important site metrics to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently. This provides visitors with a fast, responsive experience and search engines an easy to navigate structure to store your sites data.