You've Got a Friend in Coastal Web Social Media Marketing

Social networks are a very common channel for promoting services and products on the Internet. Successful conversion through these platforms is somewhat more complicated, however. When it comes to digital marketing on social networks, it takes a team skilled in the art of SEO and marketing to find ways to succeed where others get lost in the news feed between pictures of watermelon hat wearing cats and dressed up puppies. Coastal Web’s SEO and digital marketing squad can help you find your voice and your audience in the digital ocean of social networking. We are experts at reaching people and making an impression on their feeds. Let us help you raise brand awareness, and gain a grass-roots following of devoted customers through our social media marketing campaigns. In doing so, you also get the added benefit of providing yourself with useful backlinks to help you gain relevance in search engine results. It’s really a win-win!

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Social Media is a powerful platform for modern marketing. It can be used as an effective, cost-efficient platform to increase traffic, generate leads, and increase brand awareness by reaching your target demographic and encouraging them to share with their friends.

Create Brand Recognition

Social media users represent a different model of potential customer than a regular site visitor, therefore, they need strategies that reflect and work in unison with those differences. Users of social media typically aren’t looking to shop first and foremost. They are online just to have a good time, check in with friends, enjoy some funny images. Social Media used to be a way to escape the watered down advertisement arena of pop ups the internet used to be and a lot of people still treat it as such. Second, the attention span of the internet is minute at best. Almost no users are going to remember your brand, product or message after the very first impression. The only way to sear it into people’s memories are to create something memorable, exciting, unique and attention grabbing. Coastal Web’s Social Media Marketing team  are specialists in creating those memorable, attention-grabbing posts that call your base into action.

Blog Post Sharing

A big part of our social media marketing strategy includes generating interest in your brand through SEO keyword oriented blog posts and content writing. These posts get shared across the platform and generate both interest and traffic in your brand. They also create the increasingly important back links to your web site which make you look even more relevant to search engines in terms of search engine optimization. Coastal’s Web team will both advise you in writing the right type of content to post and share as well as help you write eye catching headlines that encourage your relevant potential client base to click on the links and generate brand awareness.

Get more shares when you let Coastal Web advise you on content creation and social media marketing strategies.
Coastal Web Consultings social media marketing is second to none when it comes to generating leads and increasing conversion rates.

CMS Integration

Our web developers like to use common CMS frameworks to build blogging sites that will streamline the sharing of content between social media platforms. All of our custom WordPress themes come preloaded with social sharing plugins that do all the posting for you by default. This is just one of the many things that put us a class above the competition. With these social media marketing techniques and other digital marketing strategies you will be well on your way to generating more clicks, increasing your conversion rate and profitability and reaping the ROI rewards.