Custom Software Developers

Coastal Web Consulting can go beyond the web and onto the desktop with the introduction of our software development services. Our software developers offer design, development, implementation and training of custom written software tailored to specifically match your business’ needs. Whether you have a new idea you want to translate into a software package, or you are dealing with a challenging software project and have reached a point where your data is too complex for the tools you are already using, our engineers can find the right solution to fit your needs.

We work in many development environments, from Java to .NET, C++ to Bash Shell scripting with python, if you can dream it, we can code it. Our engineers are coders at heart and we shine in this arena. If you’re looking for an affordable solution with intelligent design and effective function, contact us today regarding your software development needs. Start a dialog with someone from our development team in a free consultation now!

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Coastal Web's software development team are experts at finding the right solution for your custom software needs.

Structured Development Process

Our software development team goes through a thorough discovery phase before we ever get started coding. Our skilled and passionate coders can help your organization to automate their core business processes, and in so doing, reduce costs, increase revenues or improve customer response times and satisfaction. For all of our projects, our approach begins with a full analysis of the business processes and relevant systems. We work with your team to understand the desired project outcomes. Then a product requirements document is drafted and passed to you for approval. When the project has been defined and understood by all concerned parties, the coding and testing process begins. Throughout this phase of development clients can access their software and track progress through our password protected code repository. Once the project has been implemented, the Coastal Web development team provides on-going maintenance and support per the terms of our support agreement.

Agile & Iterative Development

Coastal Web follows an iterative and agile development strategy throughout the coding process.
We always follow our development cycles with extensive unit testing to ensure you have a thoroughly vetted product upon release.

Unit & Automated Testing

Unit and automated tests are crucial parts of our overall DevOps strategy. Automated tests written against each feature of the application ensure proper functioning long before entering a production environment. When appropriate, we leverage additional overarching and holistic system-level automated testing. When we enter the production phase and release the complete version of your software, it will have been thoroughly vetted and ready for implementation. With ongoing support and maintenance, you can rest assured you will begin to see your ROI as quickly as possible.