Web Design and Development

At Coastal Web, we use our years of experience in UI/UX to provide web design services that are not only sleek and professional, but intuitive and inviting.

Our web site solutions are not just modern and professional but affordable. We believe that everyone needs a web presence to stay competitive in the modern market, no matter what your industry may be. We strive to design and develop web sites that create a positive first impression on the user, because that first impression is what decides whether a visitor will be a lead or a loss. Our web site designs provide both credibility and define a level of professionalism in the client’s industry that is on par with the best in their class. They are design to communicate with the user and generate leads for the client.

Our services give you everything you need to get you started from the web site’s design and content to SEO implementation and intuitive administration. Our services give can push you to the next level of success in the online arena. All of our sites also come with the training to maintain that success moving forward. We work with clients who provide exceptional services, and we provide sites that reflect that.

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Beautiful and functional web design

Beautiful and Functional Web Design

Attractive web design is not everything. What is the point of having a beautiful looking site if it can’t generate sales? We know that our clients have amazing products and we design our sites to reflect that fact. Our ambition is to not just generate leads but have those leads turn over into sales. We tailor the design to your speak directly to your target audience . Check out our portfolio of projects.

Web Site Design Principles

Our sites designs are the results of many years of experience in the industry, so rest assured that we understand the importance of blending functionality and usability with a sleek, modern look and feel. We are more than just designers, they are UI/UX extraordinaires, combining the latest in psychological user experience studies and marketing research. Our sites take the modern approach of mobile-first browser compatibility, and are designed following contemporary W3C consortium standards.

Our sites are designed with usability in mind.
Our web designs focus on creating an experience for the user

User Experience

The most important element in our design principles is the idea of “user experience.” It is the UX in UI/UX and arguably the most important piece of the puzzle. Having a user friendly, intuitive and unambiguous interface, greatly improves the user’s experience on your site and increases the likelihood of generating repeat visits. Repeat visitors increase the chances of turning leads into sales and organically grow your customer base. This is our goal when we develop your site and these principles guide us in finding the right structure to achieve that goal, from the menu breakdown to layout of the content, we work to provide the best user experience through the user’s interaction.

Search Engine Optimization

What good is an awesome site if no one can find it? To achieve your goals and increase your audience, visitors to your site must be able to find it. Besides word of mouth and marketing campaigns, the only way to achieve organic growth is through ranking higher in search engine results. Our sites are all designed to be optimized for search engines crawlers to be able to identify what you are offering and who to serve your site to based on its content. We implement modern technology to make your site efficient and attractive to search engine web crawlers and subsequently increase your rank in relevant search engine results. You can find out more about this on our search engine optimization page.

Our web sites are designed to be optimized for search engines
We provide web site training and a simple intuitive administration area for clients to use in the long term

Simple and Efficient Administration

We make content management easy and provide training to all our clients after we’ve implemented a site. Through drag and drop controls and a robust platform on which your site is built, we make it simple for you to add blog posts, change content, or upload pictures and descriptions to your portfolio. You shouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to a company just to make some simple changes on your site. It should be designed so that even non-technical people can control all the different aspects after the site is implemented. This is our guiding principle in site implementation:  intuitive. simple, and powerful control for the end user, even if the end user is a non-technical person. With a straightforward platform on which to control your site, you can save time for what really matters:  growing your business!